Displays are (still) broken in SU11 beta DX12

We’re experiencing memory corruption symptoms with the displays in SU11 beta.
It’s exactly like the other reports and I’ve seen that it’s supposed to be
fixed but some of our users still have it. What we do: 1 nvgImage per display,
1 call to nvgCreateImageRGBA(), then 1 call to nvgUpdateImage() per frame per
display What we observe: Even before SU11 we occasionally had glitches (i.e.
seeing the in-game map instead of our display content) but now it’s on a
different level. This seems to be configuration specific - I can’t repro on my
machine, but users who have the problem can repro with almost 100% certainty.
PS: also, nvgUpdateImage() performance leaves something to wish for… But I
guess that’s a different topic entirely.

Hello @AlexxV We have made some modifications since the last flighting build
to address this issue. If you can provide us with your package, I can run some
additional tests. Regards, Sylvain

Hi @FlyingRaccoon , It’s FenixSim A320 we’re talking about. We can provide you
with a download&key;, please let me know how we can send it to you.