DMS Format Crashing Sim in MissionFile


I’m using the documented DMS format for waypoint coordinates in a MissionFile but it is crashing the sim. As an example I have this within a waypointlist:

                    <Waypoint InstanceID="{f4391520-c621-4ff8-a05c-06e303a8107e}">
                        <WorldBase.WorldPosition>N50° 2' 6.12",W5° 3' 24.16",+000000.00</WorldBase.WorldPosition>
                    <Waypoint InstanceID="{8581931e-9173-4aed-90d7-be695aac4ac6}">
                        <WorldBase.WorldPosition>N50° 2' 12.63",W5° 2' 53.46",+000000.00</WorldBase.WorldPosition>
                    <Waypoint InstanceID="{bb13933e-1cc6-4db0-942a-da4bde74ed9b}">
                        <WorldBase.WorldPosition>N50° 1' 59.09",W5° 2' 28.94",+000000.00</WorldBase.WorldPosition>

Am I doing something wrong with that format? If I use decimal format instead it works but it’s not documented as a supported format.



First thing that comes to mind is the code-page of your XML.
Although it shows correctly in your post, I have found that the XML header can cause issues.
Example from ASOBO:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?>

Notably if you use, as I do instead,

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

then depending on your editor program (I use Notepad++, as an example) and you are on a non-US Windows, Windows will quite ‘happily’ convert the code-page for you, saying nothing.
Been there, done that!
I’m not quite sure if this is your issue, but given that the special characters in the DMS format are not the same between code-pages, I would look there first.
Make sure that your XML header encoding is the same as in your editor.
I had an issue like this when my RegEx escape characters were mistranslated going from a French Windows to a US Windows environment.
I systematically use utf-8 always and never seem to have an issue…
Hope this points you in a good direction!
Good luck… :smiley:

btw, I always use decimal format in WorldScript, which works perfectly, as I think it is less complicated to read…?

That looks like it might be a possible culprit. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check it out.