Do you all also have a 50/50 % chance of a Project either loading or a PC freeze, or a CTD when trying to load it?

This happens a lot to me and really slows down on completing projects. When i go to load a project through the SDK developer options menu [once i have chosen the flight and airport] and clicked ‘Ready to Fly’, either my PC freezes and i have to reboot it, or there is a CTD. [this happens when it tries to load the Inspector and Project window.

I have to literally try again and at the 2nd or 3rd try, randomly it may load my whole project so i can load the bgl ’ Load in Editor’ and work on my airport.

This always happens with any project i create ,its not specific to the one i am working on now.

Any way of preventing this ? Is this something others deal with ?

  • PC out of memory? Possibly watching task manager gives a hint on what is going on, running out of memory seems plausible but the PC freeze suggests perhaps something deeper.
  • Check for updated drivers (especially but not limited to GPU drivers)
  • Overclocking the CPU?

What do you see in Event Viewer when you get the CTD?

i get a similar issue as well. if i load one project up in the editor, test it, make some changes outside the sim in Visual studio, and try to reload it (not sync and rebuild. simply reopening the project ive already opened and asking it to just build it again), it crashes my game. no error message no nothing.

Where can i excess the event viewer ? Ive heard of this to analyze CTD’s but havent actually used it.

it’s a Windows utility, comes with all Windows installations. Just type “event viewer” and it will run for you.

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