Document rules for Multiplayer Model Matching

With the ever increasing number of Aircraft in MSFS, Multiplayer Model
Matching seems to be severely broken - probably as there is no documented
rules for creating Aircraft that Model match correctly. Please could the rules
for Model Matching be re-examioned, and documented in the SDK, so developers
(and maybe even Asobo) have a definitive Guide as to how to create correctly
model matching aircraft & their liveries.

Hi @N6722C Is this about the following?
[Multiplayer: display other players actual aircraft 3D models and liveries
around you - Community Support / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator

Its more about Model matching to aircraft that one already has – very often,
for example, if another MP Player is in a helicopter, (that everone has), you
see them as a Hovering A420 …

This is the 2nd time in the last 9 months I have tried to raise this Model
matching issue in this SDK Forum, and in both cases, it seems to be totally
Ignored. I am beginning to wonder why – ?? It’s almost a if I am saying the
name Voldemort (Ref Harry Potter) Its not as if I am inappropriately
seeking a SOLUTION to the issue here in the SDK forum, but rather that at
least the current Model Matching rules be Documented in the SDK , so that
Devs can attempt to take steps to follow whatever these Model matching
requirements are when they develop aircraft.

Hello! I’ve made a task to investigate this with a view to adding the relevant
information into the next SDK update to the docs.

Many thanks @Nocturne

Looking forward to seeing it, because it would make it a lot easier to give
feedback! Based on experimental testing it seems like it is something like
this currently. This fails back to a generic fallback if the simtitle (livery)
doesn’t match but you still have the same plane. However it will pick the
correct plane with a random livery (as expected) if you have the same ICAO in
a different plane package.

would have worked a lot better is this. About the same complexity, but
different order to fall back to correct plane if livery isn’t found (and an
optional fighter jet check to avoid F/A-18 replacement with generic A330) It
starts by checking simtitle and then checks for matching ICAO in both the same
and other packages to avoid the current fallback failures:

@Nocturne Any update on the addition of MP Rule matching information to the
SDK (for the “next” Update)> I currently do not see it tagged as even “Work in
Progress” Currently, with so many additional aircraft added since MSFS
release. model matching now almost appears to be “Random”, and most developers
do not seem to know all the required rules to make their aircraft “Play well”
and match with others. I get the impression, with the delay for the
information to be put into the SDK, that it may be a lot more complex to
document (and maybe FIX to work correctly), now that it may be being looked at
for purposes of documentation ??

I can’t offer any further information right now. Like I said previously, I
have a task for it, but have not had the opportunity to investigate further as
yet. Rest assured I will do my best to get the information for the next SDK

sounds horrific but I suspect a not-unreasonable option would be to ADD a new
aircraft.cfg matching parameter using a MSFS-defined ontology which provides
an approx match when the exact icao/livery process fails. An example set of
keywords could be generally {plane type}_{quantifier} such as “HELICOPTER_1”
“HELICOPTER_2” where MSFS defines an archetype for each enum (HELICOPTER_1
could be a smaller single-engine piston helicopter, HELICOPTER_2 could be a
jet). Unknown gliders in MSFS currently show up as Bonanza’s (I think, or
something similar) so any GLIDER_X would fix that. The clever part is to
decide how many ‘base’ aircraft types to define but the existing list of stock
aircraft is now comprehensive enough to provide a working test case. Asobo has
the luxury of being able to create a definitive list.

I just thought of a really useful addendum… if anything like this was
implemented, that ‘defined’ plane type would be a really useful thing to
communicate when we have a multiplayer API (I imagine a mashup of what
Nameplates is using and what“GET_TRAFFIC”) provides). That way
we could customise icons on the map or the nameplates.

SU12 has come & gone … Did I miss it, or has the Model matching rules now
been added to the SDK ? More relevant, is there any explanation as to why
currently, model matching is failing in so many cases in Multiplayer, and why
at times, either Planes, their labels, or a combination are not being
displayed, or why they randomly appear & then disappear. ?

Please see the following page which was added in SU12:
As for the other issues, those are not related to documentation, so I’ll refer
it on to @FlyingRaccoon and
@Boris1 .