Documentation Engine.cfg spelling error "four engines allowed" instead of sixteen

Version: SDK online

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: High

Context: in the Engine.cfg online SDK docs theres abit of conflicting english.

Bug description: " Each location N specified increases the engine count (maximum of four engines allowed i.e: N is between 0 and 15)"

how can the max count of engine be 4 but are numbered 0 to 15? i think the engine limit needs to be changed from 4 to 15 in this sentence to better reflect the total accurate # of engines allowed. the current wording is abit conflicting.

Repro steps: all you gotta do is look up engines.cfg in the online SDK docs


Hello @NACE42 ,

You’re right it’s a tipo The max is 16 (0 to 15).
I added this in our backlog.

Thank you for reporting this.