Documentation search not working anymore since today 22/9 search feature is not working anymore “No
results found” for any given term tried edge/chrome/firefox both desktop and

Same here! We’ve also had massive problems with running in Dev Mode today too,
with almost constant messages of MSFS switching to offline mode due to the
Internet connection being lost, when in fact there is absolutely no issue with
being connected to the Internet.

Hello @mamudesign @PILOTS_Development We are investigating this issue and we
will fix it, In the meantime, you can download and use the offline
documentation via the devmode menu
I will let you know when I know
more Thanks for reporting this, Regards, Boris

Hi again, @mamudesign @PILOTS_Development This is fixed, You can clear your
browser cache and it should work as expected :slight_smile: Have a nice day, Regards,