Does XML gauges 'without' graphics effect frame rates in MSFS?

Hello Team Asobo and the great Flying Raccoon, Quick question. Do XML gauges
that have ‘no’ graphics in them effect frame rates in MSFS? We know that XML
gauges (instrument gauges with graphics) severely hindered frame rates
performance. I am just curious about ‘gauges only’ which would be for things
like effecting condtions. Many thanks, Bill of the gray eyebrow people. LHC

I think most of those guages should be moved into the model XML’s using the
Update template.

Bill, from our own experience, the performance impact of XML gauges depends on
the complexity of the gauge. For the Kodiak, the Air Conditioning doesn’t have
a great effect in performance. The ESI500 on the other hand is hitting hard,
often 10fps or more. On PC XML gauges are run with GDI+ and that puts them on
the CPU. I believe the problem is the sheer number of animated and transparent
elements. Bert Pieke removed the menu functionality which has a ton of these
and the FPS hit was significantly reduced. With NanoVG as the renderer there
is no performance problem. XML is rendered using NanoVG on the GPU and apart
from some quirks that Asobo can fix (displaced graphics and offset text), it
works great. NanoVG is coming to PC from what I remember, so XML gauges will
probably be a viable , albeit inflexible option in the future.

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Hello @lyonhaart001 You know how to talk to me :slight_smile: As Alex said, it really
depends on what your gauge actually does. And Wookie is right as well,
internally we use almost exclusively Behaviour + HTML/JS gauge so the
Behaviour evaluation is better maintained than the legacy xml gauge flow. And
finally, WASM is a good and efficient alternative. Not used a lot on our own
planes as our team is used to the HTML/JS flow but the engine team is
maintaining and improving the WASM flow on a regular basis. Regards, Flying
Raccoon, the Great !

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Many thanks, @FlyingRaccoon. Very much appreciated. Thanks also, BeeJay and
Alex. Bill LHC