Dynamic loading of the aircraft editor

Hello All, This is related to the flight model and the aircraft editor
overall. Currently we are forced to click save and resync constantly to update
not only the flight model, but also many other important parameters of the
aircraft. This makes the process to tweak the flight model very time
consuming. It would be great that instead all these parameters could be loaded
instantly into the simulator after updating any field… you can then save
later or abandon the change if you are not happy with it. This would not only
save tone of time… but also help to test changes much quicker and notice the
difference, for example let’s say you are changing your CG or adjusting the
ruder effectiveness, you would be able to see the difference much better since
the lag between saving / re-sync to reload the airplane is gone… allowing you
to feel the difference in the airplane handling immediately. So I think this
would be a great addition to the aircraft editor and the flight model.

Hello Simbol, Glad to see you here. :slight_smile: You are reading my mind, I already
added a similar task to our backlog. We will work on improving the coherence
between what’s in the files, what’s in the editor and what’s being actively
used by the flight model. Thank you for your feedback. Regards, Sylvain