EDAP appears to show wrong aerial on World Hub website

Regarding: World Hub website/DevMode/Airport ← all of the above

Frequency: Consistently, at least for me and so far

For DevMode bugs, please include the game version: SU15 -

Bug description:
This is related to:

I am quite familiar with Cottbus/Neuhausen (EDAP), I fly there in the sim all the time, I’ve worked on freeware scenery for the field in 2022 (I visited the field IRL to take reference images and learn about its history etc.), I did a first pass on the field for World Hub about six weeks ago, and another pass today.

Never have I seen these objects in the aerial (screenshot from the World Hub website, taken while posting):

While I usually fly with my own scenery, it doesn’t contain an aerial. If I ever had been served the aerial the World Hub shows today, I most definitely would have noticed, especially since, according to Scrubblets, who reviewed my submission today, additionally there’s a plane visible on the aerial.
I don’t have rolling cache enabled, I don’t use any manually cached areas.

Repro steps:
Come visit me, I’ll show you the aerial I see on my system. :smiley:

I’m not sure what this means. Am I getting the wrong aerial, consistently for two years? Or are the World Hub website and Scrubblets getting the wrong aerial right now?

edit: What we can say with some certainty: the aerial I have in the sim is older, look at the shape of the PV installation north of the runway, it’s almost complete, but a bit is missing. On the current World Hub image, it has been completed (you can confirm this on Google Maps and Bing Maps).


It seems it’s another issue than the Bing Maps changing.
In theory, the correct aerial is the one display on the world hub.

We are currently investigating why some people (in fact, I have the issue too :stuck_out_tongue: ) have the old aerial

Thx for the feedback

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Are more examples useful?

Lumi (PNG) AYAE - in-game aerial is just green static (as seen often in PNG), while the World Hub aerial matches the current Bing Maps image (incl. the clouds) and clearly shows the brown dirt runway

Monterrey (Mexico) MMMY - interesting case, I think.
World Hub (matches Bing Maps):

in-game aerial from slightly higher altitude (matches Bing Maps):

in-game aerial from slightly lower altitude down to ground (appears to be older, since part of the apron hasn’t been constructed):

MMMY on the in-game World Map, zoomed in all the way:

After zooming out one “notch”:

No idea if this means something, but at least it’s different than for other cases. For example, at EDAP, I get the old, non-World-Hub aerial consistently on all close zoom levels.

This is what the World Map looks for me when looking at EDAP and the nearby town, Cottbus:

EDAP is just outside the dark bubble, and I believe I’m getting an aerial from 2020 there, while the World Hub has a newer aerial.
I live inside the bubble (in more than one sense, I guess), and I can say with certainty that the inside of the dark bubble was updated with one of the World Updates for Germany, because the house I live in wasn’t in the sim at launch (it was just a construction site back then), but it’s in the sim now (clearly visible, both on the World Map, and as a detected building in the game world).

tbh, I’m questioning whether it makes much sense for me to keep working on airfields when I know I often get outdated aerials, especially since the newer aerials are offset by 1-2m.