EDDF Frankfurt taxiway layout

Good Morning,
I don‘t know were to post this topic.
To test the hub SDK properly I take a look into EDDF Frankfurt Airport and I want to update the taxiway layout.
Now I ran into a problem where I need the help from Asobo.

Some background:
In 2020/2021 they changed the taxiway layout of N8 in front of Terminal 1. They removed V154 to V156, moved N8 a few meters to the west and created a new apron between N7 and N8 with remote stands V151/152/153.

To create the new layout I need to move scenery objects which is currently not possible.
Is there a possibility to contact the team to bring this changes into MSFS?

I work on the airport and I have a lot of knowledge about it. :wink:

Kind regards

As written in the removing object topic, i created an Zendesk ticket for the EDDF changes. I hope you can take a look on it. :slight_smile: If you like I can list the stuff here too. I wasn’t able to send all picture with the ticket.