Edit rotation velocity of non-atc AI aircraft

I have a tool that can replay aircraft track for the glider towing. Since SU6
heading/pitch/bank control does not work - it flies to the north or south
ignoring the track. I have used AICreateNonATCAircraft to insert the plane And
these variables to control attitude smoothly ROTATION VELOCITY BODY X ROTATION
VELOCITY BODY Y ROTATION VELOCITY BODY Z They worked fine before, but now seem
to be ignored by sim. I have replaced them with PLANE PITCH/HEADING/BANK
DEGREES but the result is frustrating - plane acting very unrealistic during
flight. Please confirm the issue, and maybe propose a workaround.

I have this exact same problem with my software. “ROTATION VELOCITY BODY X”
etc no longer have any effect on inserted aircraft, after Update 6. This has
caused some disruption to many of my users. They would all really appreciate
it if this was bug was fixed. Peter

Thanks for confirming. I am still using raw pitch/heading/roll variables and
waiting for the issue fix.

Yes, that was the workaround I tried but it just isn’t really up to the job.
Are you managing to set the pitch/heading/roll every single frame? I have
tried increasing my update rate but obviously without being able to do it
every frame there will be a jitter effect. And of course increasing the
updates increases the data rate on the SimConnect interface which isn’t ideal.

Yes, now script read, process and send altered values every frame to make
jittering not so noticeable: RequestDataOnSimObject applied to inserted

Hello Sorry @thealx for missing this thread. I’ll
investigate this problem soon and clarify if having to write
pitch/heading/bank simvars every frame is by design or not. Regards, Sylvain

@FlyingRaccoon can we please get an update on
this issue? New tool in development for MSFS marketplace, but because
pitch/bank/heading are only variables available for AI object rotation end
user experience is frustrating, with writeable rotation velocity body vars it
will be much realistic and natural. Tested with SU11 last time and still

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