Elevated Parking Spots - Heliport


I have some questions, i hope the community

  1. Is there anyway to increase the elevation of a parking spot? I am building a heliport that has a raised platform in the river for T/O and Landing with a bridge that then connects to parking (See pic below). However, the parking spots seem to be below the heliport floor, i am guessing that they are on the ground as the heliport is Elevated?

  2. How do you change the rotation of the runway in the airport selection screen (see pic - The Gray box)? It is set to 200 in the airport and runway in the airport property section?

Thank you


since it is an helipad, you don’t need a runway

and if it is an elevated surface, you need to make it hard with something like a collision shape attached to it, when placing the heliped it should snap on top of the surface

is suggest you this video :slight_smile:

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