Emergency Checklist

Hello, It would be great to expand the current checklists implementation and
supported checkListStepsID to support:

  • NORMAL Checklists
  • EMERGENCY Checklist

Currently we can only create pages, however these need to be locked to a
particular stepID on the sim, but we only have PREFLIGHT, FLIGHT and LANDING
checkListStepsID or stages supported. Because of this we are unable to really
support integrated checklist pages attached to normal, abnormal or emergency
procedures. It would be great to have further checkListStepsID, for example:
EMERGENCY_TAKEOFF (think fighter jets being scrambled!!), EMERGENCY_APPROACH
(think any aircraft with problems in the air), EMERGENCY_LANDING, etc. and
Ideally when there is a fault in the systems of the aircraft, such as an
engine failure, or other critical failures. the EMERGENCY_LANDING stepID could
be triggered allowing the Emergency checklists to be automatically called.
Regards, Simbol

I second this.

I third this!

bump this post for exposure

Absolutely necessary in a sim that supports failures imo.