EmMesh is not actually optional

Frequency: Consistently
Severity: Low
Community package but can be observed in any systems.cfg which omits EmMesh on lightdef.
Bug description:
When EmMesh is missing from systems.cfg lightdef, the small point of light from the .fx is no longer visible at a distance. Adding EmMesh:"" will cause the .fx to be visible at a distance again, without even being a valid mesh name.

This behavior has probably changed since around SU6 timeframe, we believe this actually used to work.

Per the documentation, EmMesh is supposed to be optional: systems.cfg

Repro steps:
Reproduce by editing the default Boeing 747.

  1. In package asobo-aircraft-b7478i\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_B747_8i Open systems.cfg
  2. Remove #EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_NavigationRed and #EmMesh:LIGHT_ASOBO_NavigationGreen
  3. Start the sim and observe that while the .fx are still casing light, the point of light is no longer visible at a distance. It may help to use User Lights to boost the MaxIntensity so the reflected light is visible on the ground.

Note that for impacted aircraft, they are using model behaviors to bind Asobo_GT_Emissive to a mesh, even though it isn’t going through the “LIGHTS/EmMesh” path.

I’m suggesting the documentation be updated to indicate that EmMesh is actually required for all aircraft, since that does fix the issue for us.

Here is the test case above. Note that the point of green light from the wingtip is no longer the mesh itself but the point of light defined by the .fx. This point is visible even when you zoom way out, regardless of optimizations on the target mesh being so small that it no longer represents even one pixel on the screen.


One more screenshot to help:

This is EmMesh:"". See how the orb of light is present now even though the actual emissive mesh on the model is no longer here. It should be that omitting EmMesh entirely would also work the same way, but it doesn’t and that’s the reported issue.

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