Enable detail maps on SSS material

I’m currently working on a high detail human mesh, and whilst I can get away
with a 1024^ for the entire skin, it would really benefit from being able to
use a detail map (especially normal) as it is intended for close-up viewing
(e.g. in-cockpit). I’ve tried switching to a standard material, but it really
can’t be made to look like skin using this shader. I modified the 3dsMax tools
to enable the detail slots on an SSS material and the result in MSFS is just a
wireframe rendering of the mesh, so clearly it’s not as simple as enabling the
slots in the material editor. Any idea of whether this material shader could
be tweaked to handle detail maps at some point to enable higher detail humans,
and other SSS surfaces without resorting to UHD textures? @Boris1 apologies
for the ping but I suspect you’re the best one to ask about this :slight_smile: