Engine Runs but Fuel Flow Stays Zero


Frequency: Consistently

Severity: Blocker

Bug description: When developing our aircraft, we recently discovered the fuel flow stopped working but all engines run fine and nothing else seems to be broken. I am not sure if something changed in the latest update that might be making it so but we are fairly certain it works before SU13. Here’s what we’ve checked

  • Assistance “Unlimited Fuel” is NOT enabled
  • The engine runs and produces thrust, and responds to throttle input normally
  • Relevant fuel pipes all show pressure, and level, but just no fuel flow. They start and shut down without problems.
  • TURB ENG FUEL AVAILABLE is true, GENERAL ENG COMBUSTION is 1. See attachments for the full list of the SimVars


Here’s the Engine Debug window output, the “CorFF” values change correctly and show fuel flow but All other “fuel flow” vars remain 0. Is there perhaps a new config somewhere that I just need to add to my cfg?

Ok, I figured out what’s happening. This line sneaked into the engine.cfg

JET_density_on_FF_table = 1:0,1:0

I changed it to 1:1,1:1 and everything is back to normal.

The SDK doc did mention
But I am pretty sure this is not intended. If an engine.cfg file without this line gets loaded into the Aircraft Editor and then saved, this will show up which zeros out all the fuel flow. The engine.cfg without this line works fine in-sim which implies “1:1,1:1” is probably what’s intended? :smirk:

Hello @Yamazaki93

A fix has been made in SU15 to address this.
You can check it in the flighting version that is available now.


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