EnumerateInputEvents() sometimes returns SimConnect `ERROR`


Sometimes a call to [SimConnect_]EnumerateInputEvents() gets a generic ERROR exception response. I’m testing the managed/.NET version at the moment.

The error response happens when I request the enumeration “too soon” after an aircraft is loaded. Basically I monitor AircraftLoaded system event and when that fires EnumerateInputEvents() is called, which produces the ERROR response.

On the other hand if some time passes after the aircraft model is loaded before EnumerateInputEvents() is called, the events list is returned as expected. Eg. I can trigger the enumeration manually at any point, and that works fine (when Dev mode is active, as per the known bug on that).

The required time delay seems to vary by how busy the sim is… eg. I introduced a 5s delay after an “AircraftLoaded” is reported and before enumeration is requested, and that works in the main menu when switching airplanes (World Map, select model, then back to Home), but when loading a new flight from the map, with a new model, that delay isn’t enough and I still get the ERROR response.

So, assuming this isn’t a bug, is there a recommended time/trigger/event when EnumerateInputEvents() is “safe” to call? I don’t want to call it unnecessarily, but I would like to get the list whenever the model is changed.


So… crickets? Is this a bug? Feels buggish.

The ERROR exception is returned up until an aircraft is fully loaded.

This corresponds to the time when the InputEvents are populated in the Dev Mode Behaviors window.

If they’re not available yet, I get that… but maybe we could get a new error code enum for that?
EDIT: Or perhaps better yet, just wait to send the result list until the model finishes loading and something is available, instead of responding with any exception at all. Getting the list is asynchronous anyway, there’s nothing saying it has to be returned right away.

I had to add special handling in code for this particular exception by testing which of my SimConnect calls it is referring to using the invoked method’s name string (" EnumerateInputEvents") instead of an actual error code or something “formal” like that. Ugly and smelly.


Speaking of “crickets”-

The majority of the threads started in this dev support forum are replied to immediately by support personnel (Eric, etc).

There are a few, though, that however many “bumps” we developers will reply with, are totally and completely ignored - as if the bug wants to be “conveniently forgotten” by Asobo.

I could understand that, for reasons that they might not even want to explain to us, those functionality errors might require a lot of rework, or sometimes are by ‘design’.

The silence in replying however, rubs people the wrong way. Entirely.

Thanks for letting me voice this frustration.

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Refiled as bug report (as per pinned admin note in Questions forum).

Hello @max.paperno,

The default Error Exception and the fact that the InputEvent Enumeration is not ready on Events AircraftLoaded or FlightLoaded are now logged on our side.



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