Error: An Airport Is Needed

I have searched the SDK help and searched this forum, but I can’t find an
answer to this. Admittedly I’m a rookie, but I have changed many airports in
the past using the SDK by adding Scenery or SimObjects. For this (and all my
previous alterations), I just created a new directory duplicating the
SimpleScenery files as I have done probably 50 times. For the first time I
thought I’d add a Taxiway Sign, so I selected that and clicked Add and got “An
Airport is Needed.” I don’t understand this - I’m at KPBI, I’ve loaded the XML
file, and I’m not sure what else I would need to do. I’m looking right at the
airport. I can add Scenery and SimObjects just fine, so I’m not clear on how
the SDK has decided that for this option and a few others that I’m no longer
at an airport. If you could guide me to some help doc for this I would
appreciate it. Thanks.

Hello @DestructZero , This error is usually encountered when you try to update
an airport but you don’t have an airport element in your xml (and in the
scenery editor). In your case, you have duplicated the SimpleScenery example
(SimpleAirport is what you should have duplicated for this), which does not
contain an airport element, and that is why you see this error. You should add
an airport element to it.(See the documentation
Hope it helps, Regards, Boris

Thank you for your answer, I appreciate your time. I do have a question
though. Since the airport I’m working on has already been created, selecting
“SimpleAirport” would seem to imply that I want to create a new airport, which
I don’t want to do. If I want to add an element such as a Taxiway Sign to an
airport, am I required to use SimpleAirport, and if I do that, am I required
to rebuild the airport from scratch, or is it basically the same process as
SimpleScenery, except in this case it’s used to work with airports instead of
scenery? Thanks for the link - I will read the documentation now.

Adding a taxiway sign seems to need a taxiway in your project. To do this, you
might better be served to use a program such as Airport Design Editor for
MSFS, by Jon Masterson. ADE MSFS 2020 base

After installing, then install the most recent hotfix: ADE 2020 Hotfix

ADE will decompile the stock MSFS airport, and recreate it’s XML (within
reason). It makes a copy of the airport that will over-ride the stock airport.
ADE uses a 2-way edit creation that will give you a DevMode ready project of
the airport. Most of the decompilation is based on code created by Patrick
Germain. [ADE support forum](

I think I have it now… so I can create a “new” airport over an existing
airport area and kind of merge the two together. At least that’s what I’m
thinking. Thanks again for your help!

Rhumbaflappy… that’s what I had intended to do, because I use ADE quite a
bit. However, this airport was already created by someone else using ADE and I
just wanted to change it. I don’t have the source files but only the package,
and when I tried to create my own and use both, MSFS seemed to have some
problems with that. As info (not that you implied, but others may read this) I
wanted to do this as a personal project and I would never use someone else’s
creation to create my own and put it online, even as freeware… I just wanted
to say that. Thanks for the suggestion.

You only need an airport stub to
create taxiway signs. Attached is a stub for kbpi with the above sign placed.
Load that into DevMode and you can delete, add or do whatever to kbpi without
an affect to installed

Thank you SO MUCH! I’ll give that a try right away.

Those files are for KBPI which is an airport in Wyoming I think instead of
KPBI (Palm Beach). I’m trying to recreate your process using your screen shot
for KPBI but it keeps telling me that the ICAO for KPBI is already in use. I’m
trying still… thanks for the work, I appreciate it.

I GOT IT, thanks to you! I had to make sure it loaded after the main mod
loaded, but it works now. Thanks very much for your help, you made my day!