Existing airport with new ICAO code


We are preparing a new airport scenery. The airport itself exist already in MSFS as default but its ICAO code is incorrect.
We tried to “delete” the airport with the override function but if we define the airport with a different ICAO the old one will still be visible.

What is the correct procedure here?

Thanks for your help!


It won’t display correctly until you compile and add to the Community or Official folder. You can make a project with only the exclusion, compile it, add to Community, and the airport will be gone so you can work unimpeded by the old airport in DevMode.

Isn’t the bigger problem that they are using a different ICAO code for the airport?
How is the VFS supposed to know which airport to delete if the ICAO is different?

If @rhumbaflappy 's idea doesn’t work, maybe make two airports? One in which you delete the old one, but don’t do anything other than maybe clean up the landscape a bit, then the new airport with the new ICAO?

Almost that.

We had to create an airport asset with delete airport and marked it as closed airport. Then create the new airport as a brand new one. That made the trick.

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Yes, that’s exactly what I was saying.

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