EXIT OPEN is depreciated, how to setup sound insulation now?

Now that the EXIT OPEN simvars are depreciated, how do we use the
Insulation_ExitOpen & closed parameters in the sound.xml?

Use interactive points instead, there is an interactive point for main exit,
etc. and the insulation will use that for the sounds. R.

Thanks @Simbol! I was able to get the sound insulation working with this
method, but I’m finding that adding an interactive point door of any type is
causing strange behaviour with our Spitfire canopy. It seems to seize control
of the CANOPY OPEN simvar and causes it to fight with our code … is this
normal behaviour? I’m wondering what triggers the interactive point to toggle
between open & closed? The aircraft does not use Jetways or services

Yes it is normal, my advise is to stop monitoring that SimVar, do your own
L:Var and use the event K:TOGGLE_AIRCRAFT_EXIT to get it open / closed. You
can pass a parameter (an index) to that event to open other interactive points
as well. Best, Raul