Explain how the EmMesh aircraft lights parameter works; it does not find nodes

The “EmMesh” parameter of the aircraft lighting config doesn’t make any sense
to me. I input the name of a node that has a material with emission, but in
user lights window it always says “Emissive mesh not found”. I think I’m
missing a step somewhere, but that step is not documented. Defining the
emission in the ModelBehaviors works fine, but in the default aircraft there
is no mention of the exterior lights emission in the ModelBehaviors.

Hi Steven, Did you check the DA62 sample provided with the SDK to see it’s
done? This

of the documentation is giving some information. I know, it’s not much but our
tech writer has plans for more information about aircraft lights
configuration. Hope this helps, Sylvain

In the sample it works, but literally copy/paste the config files, and give
nodes the same names in Max with my own model and it’s “Emissive mesh not

I am experiencing exactly the same issue, something is being set by the DA-62
inside which is not obvius and I cannot find it resulting exaclty on this
problem… We need help to understand what’s needs to be done. S.

What’s worked for me in Blender:

  • Standard MSFS material with albedo texture, no changes to emissivity.
  • Metallic 0.5 and roughness 0.
  • Name the material “LIGHTS”.

I don’t know if this is how it’s supposed to work, but it lights up on my fire

that is correct suggestion and works same in 3DS MAX - all you need is to
apply LIGHTS material to the mesh, metallic/roughness/emission can be any

Confirmed, it is the name of the material what triggers the system to
understand the emissive mesh… metal + roughtness, etc. makes no difference…
just the Material name inside your 3D model… S.

@Nocturne FYI

I have an issue where the mesh are lighting up correctly, but the lights are
also appearing inside, the light source glow… When landing lights are on,
which are on the wings, it lights up the instrument panel. ?? This is with

Nav lights glow should be out on
the wingtips, not inside. Bill LHC