External clickable spots + walks around

Dear Asobo,

Giving the new simulation platform being in the works, could it be possible to allow 3rd party developers to configure clickable spots on external views?

This would allow airplane developers to implement proper walk arounds where users can interact with the aircraft by checking components such as oil, fuel filters, open close compartments, doors, etc.

Currently we are unable to set clickable spots on any external camera, so many developers have resorted to put these clickable areas via fake internal cameras to simulate the walk arounds… This comes with difficulties and drawbacks, such as the sounds are not being simulated properly as if you were on an external camera outside the aircraft, some clickable spots on certain areas become accessible while you are in the cabin, etc.

If would be fantastic if we could setup a specific type of external camera which enables these click sports or some sort of alternative solution so sounds can be simulated much better and support virtual walk arounds the aircraft for pre-flight checklist acordingly.

Many thanks for taking this requirement into consideration.

All the best,


I want to be able to click on things around my vehicle without having to build a redundant game panel for it (like we used to be able to do in FSX)

Such a mechanism would also potentially allow triggers on simobjects like hangar doors and other aircraft walkaround items.

It would be a nice addition to have interactable objects outside of the cockpit via hotspots.


We would love it. Clickable hangar doors to open/close would be a charm.