Faceplant at parking

Anyone know why our Corsair would be flipping over on sim load but only in
parking spots? (it doesn’t do it if the weather is set to clear skies)

Just to let you know… we put a 500lb weight (ballast) on the tail… this
actually solves the problem of the faceplanting… why? Because, as it turns
out, the plane is being dropped level to the line of the fuselage (I’m
guessing about a foot or so above the ground) … and because there’s wind (of
any kind from any direction), the plane flips over. With the ballast in play,
it won’t do that because the tail is SOOOO heavy… We’d really like to get
this looked at in order to prevent it from happening… or… to figure out
what the heck we’re doing wrong. Thanks.

I don’t have your plane, but to avoid the ballast thing, maybe you could
instruct your customers to load the flight with the clear skies preset and
with the wind layer removed, and to load the weather they want for the session
only once they have spawned into position.

I appreciate the help… but still, we’d like to get this fixed.

When loading, are the parking brakes activated? Maybe because the wheels are
locked, they plane flips over, without brakes, it would settle to the ground.
Just an idea I had