Feedback on Bvars/external device access from SDK Q&A

Hey guys! During the recent SDK Q&A; there was some discussion about [the
request to provide better access to sim events from external
aircraft-state-and-trigger-all-cockpit-functions/). Yay! It was great to hear
there’s been a lot of internal discussion about it, and also to get insight
into why there hasn’t been any movement on the request yet. I had a few
suggestions for the team based on what was mentioned: 1. Reach out directly
to the core people behind the apps that would greatly benefit from this work
and ask for their thoughts. Axis and Ohs, MobiFlight, and are the
three that immediately come to mind. I know for sure that people involved in
MobiFlight would be happy to share some thoughts directly with the team to
help bring clarity to the product requirements, and I’m guessing AAO and people would also be thrilled to provide direct insights. 2. Don’t
worry about trying to build a unified list of events across planes. What we’re
missing is a way to trigger events (Bvars specifically), not a unified list of
events. Bvars are a beautiful solution to the problem of clearly defined
inputs for a given plane and we already have all the tools we need via the in-
game developer tools to look them up. What we’re missing is the ability to
trigger the Bvars from SimConnect. Hope this helps!

AGREE! We aren’t asking for a generic list (well anytime soon). We just
need access to the existing Bvars through simconnect right now! We can see
what the variables are in tools, we just can’t read/write to them over sim

Pardon my ignorance… what are Bvars?

Hi Devs, Thanks for your continued efforts to create the best Flight Sim
possible. I’d have to agree with the above. There appears to be some confusion
that we need to have every aircraft’s bvars, etc to be the same across all
aircraft. For a very small number of developers this might be important, but
for the majority, we are happy to lookup these values via the Developer Tools
as we do for LVars, etc, and we are able to make databases for each of the
planes individually. The important part is being able to read and write to
these values. It is on the basic functions of the plane which have generic
values. For planes like FBW and the CJ4, they are already using their own
nomenclature. Access is especially important for Home Cockpit enthusiasts who
are needing to replicate every knob, switch, display, etc to make as an
authentic experience as possible. Hope this clarifies why it is that we are
asking for access. Andrew Morison.