Floating Lines/Taxiway Paths

Hello, I’d like to touch on the fact lines and taxiway paths (their reference
line) float above ground when you first load into the scenery project. The
only way to get them back to ground level is to click one of it’s manipulators
on the gizmo. This is cumbersome as a lot of times we trace over these lines
and it becomes difficult to do so properly when they’re not level to the
ground. To clarify, the lines themselves (textures) are at surface level, but
the nodes and lines are the ones that are above ground. Could you please look
into this? Thank you! -La Palabra

Hello La Palabra, We have noticed this issue. We aim to push a fix in the next
few updates. Regards, Sylvain

Hello Sylvain, This is good news. Thank you very much! Blessings, -La Palabra

This happens to us as well. It is especially happens if you change the
elevation of the airport because when you load the asset it draws the lines on
the original elevation. Press the Load into Editor again and it will jump on
the corrected elevation.

Great tip while we wait for a fix, thanks!