'Fly To' feature to jump forward in TIME

During a flight … Can I jump forward a hour or two in the API? thanks

You’re not being very clear here. It sounds like what you really want to do is
instantaneously jump forward in time along the flight path rather than just
set the time a couple of hours ahead?

Or do you just want to set the
clock a couple of hours ahead?

It sounds more like he wishes to use the “time dilation” feature that was
available in FSX. Once a flight was started that might last, say 12 hours,
users could “speed up time” in 1/4 ratio fractions, all the way up to 4x, I
believe. In this way they could fast forward to the next waypoint, or simply
skip it and let the software handle it and advance all the way to the landing
phase, allowing virtual pilots to complete a flight from Seattle to Amsterdam
in less than an hour.

That’s exactly what I asked if that’s what he wants, only, he wants to have it
happen instantaneously.

Either would work, if I can move ahead in time only , or if I can move forward
on time and position. In any case I can always transport to where ever I want,
so the TIME is most important. thanks

There is the option to change sun position. Also, FS Flight Recorder will
allow you to replay a recorded flight forward and backward at any speed and I
am not sure, but I believe you can “break out” of the playback at any point
and continue flying. This isn’t a developer issue however, it’s an issue with
the basic sim and they’ll likely close this thread here.