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My name here has been changed from “rk” to “_rk1” and I want to change it back, but I don’t see any way how and I notice everyone else seems to have their original identity. What gives?

Click on your profile image top right, then profile at the bottom of the right popup menu, then preferences on the profile menu. There’s an edit button to the right of your username. I haven’t tried changing mine, but that seems like the place to try :slight_smile:

Thanks yes, works great, really enjoy the ultra dense information, “double scroll” menu, but I’m pretty sure I would have never found that little headshot preferences icon, without your hint.

Apparently the situation is that the previous forum software allowed special characters to be used more liberally, this version requires names to end in a letter, or number. FYI anyone else encountering this situation, it appears the software allows us to change the name one time only.

Hello @r_k

Discourse is a bit ticklish on the allowed characters as well as how usernames can begin and end, so we had to enforce those rules when importing DevSupport accounts.

Let us know if you have other issues.


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