FPS Debug Window + Manipulators

Dear Asobo,

Inside the display FPS debug window there is a category called “manipulators” what are these? the reason I ask is because in devmode while I am working I can see FPS dropping dramatically over time since SU13 release, and this category “manipulators” seems to be the cause of the performance hog.

I would start with Manipulators at 4ms and depending of the builds types I am doing (LODs, Visual Studio attaching to debug WASM, etc.) these Manipulators will start to increase (all the way to 20ms to 30ms) to a point where my FPS go from 60FPS to 10FPS leading eventually to a MSFS CTD if I don’t restart MSFS.

Only way to regain performance seems to be restarting MSFS. I am wondering what manipulators are, there is nothing in the documentation… so clueless why I am losing performance.

Last night I did 9 LODs for an upcoming product, all I did was leave the airplane on the tarmac with dev camera enable while I was exporting new LODs, attach these progressively to the product and debugging the LODS via the LOD tool… I started with 58FPS… ended up in 2 hours with 9FPs with manipulators as high as 35ms…

I am on the latest SDK and 3DS plugin… so no idea why this happens.


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Hi @Simbol ,
the “manipulators” section displays the update and render times of objects.
Regarding the decrease in FPS during project editing, this will be reviewed.