FPS going Below 5 on Polar routes

Version: -

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: High

**Bug description:This has been tested with a variety of planes. Both Default as they come with the sim, like A320, B787 as with 3rd party ones like 737, 777, CRJ. FPS start to drop dramatically on polar region They can end up on 2-3 and planes are simply not controlable. We also see wildly fluctuating allocs on the FPS window

**Repro steps:*Quickest way to reproduce load a FP like the attached one and load the plane near DIRIP. Check FMGC ot FMS and on legs make sure you have DIRIP and then DEVID After passing DIRIP the FPS will start to decrease until the reach below 10 and in same cases below 5. Using time acceleration Seems to make the problem worst


**Attachments:Screenshot before issue starts and after FPS went to 2.

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OMDBKLAX_MFS_10Jun24.zip (3.6 KB)