Fspackagetool question

I have a little question that could help me a lot. Is there any way to not
compile the entire package every time I make a change to a single model or
sometime a texture? I work on a big Airport and every time it takes up to 30
minutes. To compile the package, I use a simple .bat. Thanks for the help.

      1. @echo
  3. echo %time%
  5. "C:\MSFS SDK\Tools\bin\fspackagetool.exe" "%~dp0\Airport.xml" 

I also use an external .bat file to build my aircraft which I call an external
build. And this is good to check for errors. For aircraft the AE (aircraft
editor) in the dev tools has a sync button and is fast as it only sync files
that have been altered. So I see a SE (scenery editor). I would assume this
would do the same and be a much faster method. Try that for now until you get
a scenery dev to answer.

Hello @Dav3.- , fspackagetool.exe does not rebuild
every asset unless you specify it with the “-rebuild”

(or If you delete the folders _PackageInt / Packages before). On the other
hand, the tool needs to launch an instance of the game and in I think that’s
what takes time for you but, indeed, 30 minutes seems a lot. You can send me
your project if you want me to take a look at it ([See 3) Provide Private
bug-or-crash.html)) Regards, Boris

Hi, no, sometimes even if I change a texture or update a single model, the
compiler will start re-building the entire project. It is always been like
that on my side, beside some exception. It is not the instance of the game
that is taking 30 min., I can see all the texture and BGL’s being compiled,
I’ll may take a video to show that

There was a few versions of the SDK core that would rebuild the entire project
no matter what. Can you confirm you have MSFS_SDK_Core_Installer_0.20.5.0
installed? Also try this…

      1. @echo Off
  2. "C:\MSFS SDK\Tools\bin\fspackagetool.exe" "Airport.xml"

Unrelated, but I prefer to use this :slight_smile:

      1. "%MSFS_SDK%\Tools\bin\fspackagetool.exe"

MSFS_SDK_Core_Installer_0.20.5.0 is installed. I’ve already tried to uninstall
e reinstall the SDK, but I didn’t notice any change. I’ll try your code.

Looks like with your code is not doing the whole recomp for every change for
now! I’ll keep you updated!

So this solved the issue?

I bypass the fspackagetool entirely, and this can run simultaneously with the
sim running, or multiple instances simultaneously.

      1. D:\Programs\Steam\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator\FlightSimulator.exe "-I" ; BuildAssetPackages "C:\Users\dickl\Desktop\Referencing Textures\Basic-LakeLawn.xml" "C:\Users\dickl\Desktop\Referencing Textures" "C:\Users\dickl\Desktop\Referencing Textures"

Edit for the appropriate folders. The Microsoft Store version might be