Fuel Line Questions

In the new fuel systems is it possible to have multiple fuel lines going to /
or coming from a valve? I currently have a setup of a low-pressure pump and a
high-pressure pump going to an engine valve. and from the valve, it goes to
the engine and crossfeed valve. The crossfeed valve is also set up with 2
inputs and 2 outputs. The system isn’t working and I’m assuming it’s because
of this. Should I be using junctions for this purpose instead?

The Image is a little out of
date, the tanks are all just gravity feed with valves in between for
simplification now. but the general idea is the same as the current setup.

Hello @kcgb Yes you can have multiple lines going to/from a valve. The
potential issue I see with your design would be bringing fuel to engine/APU by
gravity. This will not work and these components need a pump. For now, gravity
can only be used to transfer fuel between tanks. As for your “new setup”, just
be aware we have a bug in SU9 where fuel flow will drop if one of the output
lines is closed. This will be fixed with SU10. Regards, Sylvain

Hello @kcgb My bad, it appears valves are limited to 2 lines. The information
is missing from the doc. We’ll add a table to provide this information in the
doc. So for the crossfeed valve, here are your options:

Regards, Sylvain

Thanks, I ended up implementing the “New Setup” and its works as expected so