[FUEL_SYSTEM] Completely broken?

Hello, With this new FUEL SYSTEM, i am able to have: -Engines running without
the need for fuel -Lines have fuel flow without even being connected to a tank
-Junctions Options doing whatever they want regarless of their settings in sim
-Etc…Too many problems to list really. Is somebody working on this by any
chance? Thanks

Hello @Leprechaulive If you provide me with your config file and the problems
you have, I may be able to help. FYI, we’re also working on adding a debug
tool for the fuel system, just like the one we have added for the electric
system in the Behaviors debug window. Regards, Sylvain

That be great :slight_smile: How do i send the config file on this thingy?

Hello @Leprechaulive Regarding the first two things you mentioned, this is
likely caused by the fact you forgot to consider there is fuel in fuel lines,
regardless of tanks. When you spawn your aircraft, lines are filled with fuel.
Adjusting the fuel level in the UI will only change the tank level. So you can
have an empty tank or even no connection between your lines and tank, the
engines will be able to run until the fuel in your lines is consumed. As for
the junction options behaviour, I didn’t notice anything suspicious. Can you
elaborate and a point out a specific behaviour that you think is faulty?
Regards, Sylvain