[FUEL SYSTEM] Fuel Flow gauge bug

Hi Team, In our aircraft (single piston engine, and injection system) When
engine is cut off. Fuel selector to Left or Right or Both, Mixture rich, and
boost pump ON, when you advance throttle, the fuel flow must rise a little,
but it doesn’t work on the gauge. I’ve checked with Simvar watcher and no fuel
flow coming up. But aircraft can start correctly, fuel lines is OK, and fuel
junction too. Do you have any idea ? [FUEL SYSTEM] has been done and working
great by the way. But the fuel flow gauge still doesn’t work at engine cutoff.
When engine is running, the gauge is WORKING great ! Thank you so much.

For information, the tag used for fuel flow gauge is the next:

       gallons per hour

Hello @PESIM_Thomas By looking at what you have sent, I’m pretty sure that the
issue come from the ENG FUEL FLOW simvar which does not exist in the sim, you
must use ENG_FUEL_FLOW_GPH or ENG_FUEL_FLOW_PPH depending of the unit you need
to use (I assume you want to use the GPH one). With this fix it should work.
Best regards, Yohan

Hello, I am kem from PESIM, working with Thomas We are still stuck on this…
We also have an issue that the fuel flow needle don’t show the correct values
whatever what we are trying to do. please help us Kind regards

Hello, I’ve tried to use the Simvar indicated in the @Yoanito 's post but it
doesn’t work. With battery ON, Fuel tank selector set to the fullest tank,
boost pump ON, and throttle 1/4inch advanced, I don’t have any Fuel flow. This
is required to perform the engine start procedure. By the way the fuel flow
gauge is only working when the engine is started, not before. For information:
Using legacy fuel system, fuel flow gauge is working great with engine OFF but
it’s not the correct solution. We have to use the modern fuel system. Do you
have any idea please ? Thank you.

Hello @PESIM_Thomas I’m sorry I didn’t see the message of @Kem_Pesim , can you
send me your package (see [3) provide private
bug-or-crash.html)) I will investigate this issue. Best regards, Yohan