Fuel Tank .FLT configuration - BUG

Hello, Since SU7 we noticed the configuration for fuel tanks regarding the
capacity under runway.flt, apron.flt, etc. are being ignored and instead they
are always at 50%. For example if we put this configuration inside apron.flt
or runway.flt [Fuel.0] TankSelector=All TankSelector1=All LeftMain=90
RightMain=90 We end up with the fuel tanks at 50% regardless, whereas in SU6
this was working as intented. Kind Regards, Simbol

Hello @Simbol Did you find the reason of this issue? We have the same problem
now Thank you in advance

Nope, at the end I wrote some custom code that persist fuel and weight across
flight sessions. So unfortunately I don;t know if this is an issue or not
since I have by passed the problem via my own custom solution. Best, Raul

Hello @Simbol @GKS_Dev I have located the piece of code that causes the
problem. This will be reviewed by the gameplay team. No possible workaround.
Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain, Thanks for the update, this is not impacting me at the moment
given I wrote a custom code to load fuel and weight from persistent data.
However I am glad to hear this will be addressed in the future. All the best,

Hello @Simbol @GKS_Dev Some update on this. So the fuel level not being read
from FLT files is by design. It was disabled as it was overwriting the
settings selected by the player Weight & Balance menu. We’re looking if
there’s a possibility to use it when the user doesn’t do any adjustments in
this particular menu. No promises though. Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain, Thanks for the update. Regards, Raul

Still an issue in SU12 - hello 2023 now.