GDi+ compilation failes in package builder

I’m trying to build a basic gauge with WASM that uses GDi+. Upon compiling in
VS 2022 I get no errors but the package builder fails the compilation step. I
followed all steps from Creating WASM Gauges

and the gauge is very basic and has been derived from the Bitmap example with
care. The latest SDK from the SU12 beta is installed and I got a fresh VS 2022
installation. Have I missed any setting in VS thats maybe not

Hello @GutsherrBus9 It looks like you are not correctly providing these
function’s implementation. Have you added the gdiplus.a reference to your
dependencies as explained here? GDI+

As an alternative, you can also include the WasmGdiPlus.vcxproj directly
in your solution. Regards, Sylvain

@FlyingRaccoon thanks for the answer. Thanks for the quick reply. I have seen
the page and now investigated the error a bit more and found an error in the
documentation that was causing this. The following line reading

  • Additional library directories: Additional Library Directories += $(MSFS_SDK)WASM\include

should actually be

  • Additional library directories: Additional Library Directories += $(MSFS_SDK)WASM\lib

Working now, thanks again!

That’s right. We will fix this. @Nocturne FYI Regards, Sylvain