Get TCAS alerts through simconnect?

Hi there, absolute noob to flight sims here.

I’m currently planning my undergrad project for a Software Engineering degree and need to know if one of the objectives I’m planning is viable.

Ideally, I’m looking to get TCAS alerts through simconnect. I’ve had a search through the documentation, and I can see simvars for FLARM, but sadly that won’t work for what I need.

Thanks for the help!


As far as I know, TCAS functionality is not part of the FS2020, but SimConnect does provide functionality needed to develop a TCAS in the form of a gauge. The latest additions to SDK seem to have added TCAS flags into the [RADIOS] portion of the systems.cfg, but this seems to be only a radio capability indicator. The actual functionality needs to be developed as a gauge. Hope this helps.