Ground collision SDK support for advanced tilting gear physics

Hi there, We are doing some research about how tilting gear system can be
properly physically implemented, and not just merged into gear animation
position. We would need possibility to query height over ground for any point
of the plane (wheels of a gear bogey in that case). Current workaround is
using standard datum reference point height query and do an inverse rotation
using plane attitude. This method works, but it misses ground slope effect.
Question: -Is there a way to directly query the actual height over ground mesh
of any point of the plane? -If not: can it be considered? OR, is there a way
to query the ground slope under the plane to make the current workaround
better ? Thanks a lot!

This topic reminds me when we did testing to see if we could have a failed
gear be lowered by a pump and what would happen if you did not lower the gear
all the way. The result we found is the sim can only detect the gear up or
down and nothing in between. So did not matter what you animate this is
something you have to understand. When you say query the planes height above
mesh that would be the AGL so yes there is a variable for that. But what the
sim detects is the contact scrape points. Where you set these defines what
will scrape when the gear is not present.

No I mean I have already a working method independant on the gear state to
detect any point of the plane height. Roughly it’s Point_height = plane_height

  • local_plane_point_coordinate * Plane_attitude_inv_rotation. This works
    perfectly on ground. Only thing missing is the ground slope that can affect
    the result as this assumes perfectly horizontal ground. We all know everyone will try to land this
    bird on Courchevel and it will look wierd :smiley:

Hello @Crocket I can’t think of a way to get this information from the SDK in
its current state. You want to create an idea for this so it has a chance to
be reviewed when we will find some time for our next ideas review. Regards,