Ground disappearing when moving any object

Version: SU 13 -

Frequency: Consistently

Severity: Low

Bug description: When moving any object within the Airport object (Apron, Parking, Taxiways, Lines, etc.) all ground elements disappear (Aprons, PaintedLines, Projected Meshes), leaving only the satellite image. I use a satellite image as a Projected Mesh and create other objects using it as a reference, but after some update I can no longer do this because the Projected Mesh disappears when I create or edit any other object, making it unfeasible to create the airport . This apparently only happens with old projects, when creating a new project the sleep does not disappear.

Attachments: Video showing the problem. MSFS_Ground_Disappearing_Bug.mp4 - Google Drive

This has been happening for a while. Sometimes I get it to go away by cleaning the package and building again, but it doesn’t always work. That and the ghost projected meshes that remain visually displayed even if these are hidden or deleted in the editor.

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Hello @FSoares,

Indeed, we have been able to reproduce the issue. It is now logged on our side and under investigation.
Thanks for the report.