Groundpolygon (airport background) questions overlapping, resolution, detail

Hi Guys! 1. If we want to place several projected meshes below the airport as
a “satellite” picture, spllitted into several rectangles, in earlier versions
of FS we had to use some pixel of overlapping between the rectangles otherwise
when looking at the airport from distance the edges of the textures were
visible most probably due to the mipmapping. We did a test and it seems MSFS
needs that overlapping as well. Question, how many pixels of overlapping is
neccessary? (most probably it depends on the resolution too) 2. What texture
size is recommended for use? 2048 or 4096? 3. In the documentation it is
written 4cm/pixel is the maximum pixel density for terrain but for airports it
is greater. How greater it is? What is the theoretical maximum? Do we
understand well if a projected mesh is the child of the airport group then
this 4cm/pixel limitation will be ignored? 4. Every time we place a projected
mesh it seems that the terrains normal or detail texture is burned into our
projected mesh which is kind of annoying and makes our normal map useless. The
“ground merging” option is switched off but the effect is still there. Is
there any way to avoid this?

Thanks for all the answer! I
tried to collect all questions regarding background textures but if you have
additional just add here!