Grouping results in duplicate & mixed objects

Hello, I’m not sure if this was a one-off issue or if it’s a reoccurring
problem, but I made some custom groupings of bushes in my scenery so that I
could quickly cover placement over a large area. Once the grouping was
created, I nested it within a parent group, before duplicating the child group
and altering the placement. I kept doing this until I had covered the entire
area around the airstrip. I went back and tweaked placement of a few groups by
selecting them individually, and was able to move them just as I had
originally had them grouped. I saved the project and quit for the day. Today I
finished off adding in some 3D trees, and when I compiled the package, I was
getting horrible FPS. I decided to go back and remove some of the vegetating
thinking that I may have just placed too many individual models for the sim to
handle, and to my surprise, I found that thousands of bushes were duplicated.
Now the logical choice here would be to just delete the groups that got
duplicated, but alongside this the groups have all been mixed together. So
now, while selecting a group may remove a fair bit of duplicates, it also
removes non-duplicated objects… I’m not sure if this is just a case of bad
luck and something got botched on project load, or if it’s something that
reoccurring. Maybe it only happens with a large number of grouped objects…? I
have tested several areas of the 3D trees, which are also quite numerous, and
they do not seem to have the same issue. -– Edit: I found the “Remove
duplicated objects” selection under Edit in the Scenery Editor. This appears
to have gotten rid of the duplicates.

Hello @Rotornut44 , Did you have any similar problem since then? I have done
some testing but haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior. Let me know if
it happens again, Regards, Boris