Heading Needle Not Exact Near North

Hello Team Asobo and fellow Developers, 

I have been stuck on a problem for days.  I have a HSI Compass which has a Heading Bug on it.  Two knobs; HDG and Degrees Adjustment.  The HDG changes your Autopilot HDG input.  Degrees adjustment is for setup on a flight in case its not equal with the Magnetic Compass.

With that said, both Compass Disc and Heading Needle were going off Degrees when going between East and North, and also West and North.  In those area's, it is 10 to 15+ deg off, but aligns perfect on North.  Changing it from 360 Key Frames to 100 Key Frames fixed the Compass Disc and now it behaves.  However, the HDG Needle (Heading Bug) still varies from W/N/E.  It also is now 100 KF's with also having 4 (5) KF points, 0, 25, 50, 75, 100.

I am making this in Blender 3.2 using the RonH / Vitus exporter and I have never had this problem before.

Any thoughts, any idea's on how I can get my HDG Bug working right?  I have spent days on this and I and my co-hearts at Discord are out of idea's.  Hoping Team Asobo might have a save idea.

This is my Template code, which is nearly identical to all Asobo planes on these parts.  I have tried variations, even tried using imported Asobo parts  and those also didnt work.  I am tapped out of ideas.



In Blender the default animation extrapolation type is nonlinear. So if you
animate something 0-100 and bind it to a variable 0-100 in the sim, it won’t
match exactly as the ends have a curve, but it will still match at frame 50.
If that is the problem you can set the track to linear in Blender before

Thanks Davux3, I’ll check that. In the mean time, RonH was able to get it
working using 360 KF’s and attaching it to a main node. All of the HSI system,
compass disc, 2 knobs, and heading bug were reverted back to 360 deg system
and all are functioning properly and synching correctly. I was trying to
remember that animation selection with the curve setting. I couldnt seem to
find it in Blender 3.2. Bill LHC

It was probably that 100 frames is not enough precision. After all, we don’t
exactly know how the sim rounds integer values. The linear vs. interpolated is
important to check any time the animation is not on target. In your case, it
seems like with the keyframes you mention, that would be minimal error. But
both together may be enough to notice.