Headphones Simulation

Dear Asobo,

Is there any way for me to trigger the MSFS Headphone sounds cancelling simulation from RPN or WASM?

Since the keybinds are not working for this particular feature, I have lots of customers asking me implement click spots or means to enable this from the cabin in order for them to avoid having to escape to the main menu to Enable / Disable the headphone simulation.

Looking forward to hear what can I do to make this work.


Previously requested here: Is there a simvar for headphone simulation?

I see and nothing has moved on that.

So if we cannot make it work, then at least the Keybind should be fixed so users have a way forward. What we seeing is not possibility to control it programmatically and no possibility for the user to use it pragmatically either…

I say if it is too difficult to give control to 3rd party devs, at least the keybinds to trigger the one via the menus should work as expected… Currently you set a keybind and it doesn’t work.


I totally agree with you. Our customers are also asking for this, with related ideas like clicking the headphones to put them on or take them off (and link to the setting).

Of all the settings I don’t think headphones sim is one to keep “protected” by the general settings apply flow. Very few users ever asked to change any of the other settings programmatically, but this one comes up often.

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Our team has incorporated headphone simulation into all our aircraft but it is independent of Asobo Systems. We are using a switch for headphone simulation to toggle an LVar of our choosing, I.E. (L:HEADPHONES). Then in our wwise project we are adding an attenuation layer/volume layer to each hierarchy over the sounds that will be affected. We are adding the L:HEADPHONES as the active variable. This way it doesn’t require sound.xml coding and only a trigger in the model.xml.

Hopefully that helps, but it still doesn’t answer the question.

Hi Jonx,

Unfortunately some of us use sound companies that provide the wwise project only compiled and we are unable to edit it… therefore the need to hook this up to the SDK would be very much appreciated.


I understand. That said, the variable doesn’t exist and is currently hard-coded.

If you are looking for a solution, my recommendation would be to contact these sound companies and have them add a variable to your master hierarchy. Most of these companies are familiar with how to do door open/close sounds. It’s the same concept. Add another variable to ALL sounds, not just engine sounds that will lower the volume/attenuation.

If your sound company isn’t willing to add this small change in the WWISE Project (Something of which is very easy to do), I highly recommend choosing a different sound company.

At the end of the day, WWISE is the only way you will currently get this effect. That said, I understand the need for a simvar based controller. So yeah, if you need a solution, there it is. But if you are willing to wait for Asobo to add a simvar (which is not guaranteed), then you will have to wait.

Well, I do appreciate your position, but my aim is to seek improve the base sim SDK… there is no need for 3rd party devs keep going around the problem…

If the SDK has the facility there, simulated, why we cannot just hook up to it? is just my take, I want the SDK to be better and easier for all developers to implement.

Imagine for a second another developer were using the wwise package from a default airplane, such as the TBM because such dev did another TBM version, and now don’t have access to source WWISE… it cannot implement the headphone simulation at all because the base sim SDK is broken and don’t allow devs to use it.

So although your work around and advise is 100% valid, doesn’t help the majority of the devs out there… we need the SDK to be fixed haha.


100% agree with you. Just giving a solution.


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