Helicopter - Blade Flap Rigidity/Inertia - more info please

I understand Blade Flap Rigidity, but the default is 50, how much of a change to that number will result in a change to the lift produced at points of the rotor rotation. trying to counteract a left roll tendency in my project. What are/is the range

Also what are the ranges for inertia values.

FYI a zero will hang the sim - a few other parameters will hang the sim also. I suggest you test these out and provide warnings in AE and the SDK

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glad someone reported these. ran into this very issue a week or so ago and was shocked this wasnt reported or known.

id like to note that this hang is in the main loading screen just before you load into your main menu. you can hear the main menu music running but the picture on the screen doesnt move out of the loading screen.