Helicopter Turbine N1 N2; something is very off SU12 Beta

I’ve been trying to display my N2 rpm percentage but none of the simvars seem
to indicate the real value. Furthermore I found my commanded N1 rpm is
actually achieved not by corrected N2 as per my screenshot of engines.cfg and
SimVar Watcher. I’m using a condition lever and governor and I think the
condition lever is causing a mess here. The screenshot has been taken with the
condition lever set to enum 1 “low idle”.

Hello @GutsherrBus9 I answered in the first post on this subject:
https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/t/5149 Regards, Sylvain

I can’t really explain the meaning, but also take a look at ENG ROTOR RPM, percent. It does act similarly to N2.