Helicopters - Multple Altimeters?

I’m trying to implement a second altimeter in a helicopter and am having
trouble to get it functioning. Using the same code I’ve used in multiple
aircraft, I was puzzling over why the second unit just didn’t function at all.
Checking the simvars INDICATED ALTITUDE:1 and INDICATED ALTITUDE:2 and
checking multiple helicopters (including the Cabri G2) has revealed that it
seems no data is being set for anything but the first altimeter / barometer
for helicopters. Is this actually the case? Are helicopters currently limited
to a single baro altimeter? Or am I missing something?

I “ASSUME” You have not omitted the below entries in the cockpit.cfg ?
[ALTIMETERS] altimeter.0 =1 altimeter.1 =1 altimeter.2 =1 altimeter.3 =1

Completely overlooked that file. Issue solved. Many thanks.