Help making NAV morse code to work in Radio


I am trying to make the NAV morse replace the COM radio.

I am not even sure how to make it sound in the first place.

I have a radio with a selector with three modes (OFF / Voice / Ident)

I have been looking at the Event IDs to get see if I can identify a command but I can’t

I would greatly appreciate some guidance to point me in the right direction.

Here is what I am doing for the COM switch to turn ON and OFF the radio. I only use COM1 and NAV1



I am using this for NAV and looks like it is switching A:NAV SOUND from 1 to 0 but I don’t get any sound…


Having read this many times, I still cannot understand what you are asking for.

what do you mean by

“I am trying to make the NAV morse replace the COM radio.”

and why ??

Maybe you mean "I am trying to make the NAV morse AS LOUD AS the COM radio. ?

In that case,
(1) I 100% agree with you, the maximum Nav radio Morse audio level is far to low, compaired with the max COM radio audio
(2) Also do not now how the Morse is generated. Programmatically by a software tone generator, or from an Audio file.

If it is a user available audio file, then maybe even the user can edit that file to bump up its amplitude – or if not available to the user, Maybe Asobo can increase the Max Nav audio, by a good x2 , or more ideally, to the SAME max amplitude as the COM radio, and then , as in RL, the user can adjust the balance by the COM & NAV volume controls.

  • LOW Nav Audio has been an issue with MSFS, since release date

While looking at this, how about introducing some NOISE on the Nav Morse audio, as the source is approaching maximum radio detection range. ??

(Similar to the current Option on the COM radio)


I wasn’t quite sure how the morse code would work in the radio. I thought I had to switch of the com audio to hear the morse code. I have tested a few radios of planes in game and that doesn’t seem to be the case.

The question then is why is my morse code not being heard? I have the nav frequency, the ident and Nav Sound ON in SimvarWatcher…

I found the problem.

I have been calling the “ASOBO_NAVCOM_Knob_NAV_Volume_Template”

I have been digging into all the templates and subtemplates that it calls down and found that in one of them it had by default:


Just changed it to False and works perfect now.

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