How can we enable multiple PFDs (PFD1 and PDF2) to pop out to a window using WT G1000 NXi?

Dear Asobo,

Are there any plans to improve how avionics pop-outs to a windows work? since implementing WT NXi G1000 following the guidelines from the Cessna Caravan, it is not possible to pop out PFD1 and PFD2. Only PFD1 and MFD are able to be popped out into a window.

This limits the setup for home cockpits, I have an upcoming product which uses the same configuration as the Caravan (PFD1, MFD, PFD2) using the WTx G1000. I have configured it all using the Caravan as an example after Matt advised earlier last year the WTx G1000 Nxi doesn’t support independent PFD units and they need to be configured in mirror mode.

This is not a big issue, until you try to implement real life hardware like the SimGear G1000 and upcoming honeycomb panels which require your units to be popped out to a window.

To replicate the problem just load the Caravan, press right alt on the PFD1… it will pop out… do the same for MFD… now try PFD2… PFD2 will not be able to popout… I have the same issue despite PFD2 is set as colidable and everything.

I will be sharing a private picture with the group shortly showing how the aircraft manufacturer is intending to use this feature for training purposes with the idea of replacing X-plane… they are chasing me with questions, so any help you guys could provide would be very much appreciated.


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Because the PFD is only one actual unit and not two, it cannot be popped out separately as a result. Each VCockpit instance can only be popped out once; this is not specific to any particular avionics system.

To my knowledge there are no plans to change this behavior, but perhaps @FlyingRaccoon has more details.



We have nothing planned in that regard.
Maybe I’m missing something but if both PFDs are identical, what’s preventing you from showing the same source on both physical displays?


Hi Sylvain,

I am not quiet sure to be honest, I think this is a question for the hardware guys. I was just trying to ensure I remain compatible for any required needs, etc. and wanted to pass the information to your team in case this could become a problem with some hardware displays.

I reached out to HoneyComb since they know me very well from past collaborations, so we will be working together to ensure all is ok with their hardware displays, as I understand, they are aware of the limitations with pop windows but they are in touch with MS/ Asobo, they will test my products directly to ensure everything is ok.

I think some hardware providers do require the unit to be displayed into a window… Asobo developers might know better than me from directly relationships with these vendors, etc.

Thanks to you and Matt for all the help.