How can we pause mission events when the sim is paused/in menu?

A simple question really… How can we pause MissionScript events when the
user pauses or enters the menu? I’ve tried the documentation but either I’m
searching the wrong terms or its not there. All I can find is details relating
to pausing animations which is not what I’m after. Thanks for any advice in

Just bumping this - Is it possible? I have seen in the Maverick addon that
when the landing challenge mission is paused/in menu the carrier pauses.

I’ve done some testing, and the mission will pause automatically during any
kind of activity (e.g. landing challenge, bushtrip, tutorial) except for free
flight. So it isn’t really an option you can toggle in a world script, the
only way right now is as part of an activity.

That’s a shame. Not ideal but thanks for sharing your findings.

It is possible. Maverick landing doesn’t do it though. The carrier moves
relatively to the plane. So if plane stops carrier stops. Here are event
triggers you can use to detect when user enters the menu (pauses sim):


Above isn’t detecting the active pause, because it isn’t a “real” pause. Also
freeflight mission won’t work as for some reasons these FlowEvents are not
generated there…