How do change the displayed stats of an aircraft on the aircraft select screen?

I’m doing a kind of personal aircraft project as I’m learning to code for the
first time. I was wondering how I can change the stats displayed when you go
to select an aircraft (i.e. Cruise Speed, Altitude, Range). I mainly want to
change the Cruise Speed Displayed. What file would I need to edit in the
aircraft folder (aircraft.cfg, layout json, etc.)?

This info gets added in the aircraft.loc or in the Aircraft.cfg for all the
[FLTSIM.XX] entries under the description based on if you plan to sell at the
Market Place store. The MP store requires a multi language description. To
setup for MP store… Make sure in the aircraft.cfg under [FLTSIM.0] ONLY
(leave the other entry descriptions blank) that you include this tag
description if you plan to have an aircraft.loc used for the Market Place
store. The MP store will create this file for you as well or you can send them
a copy to have evaluated.

description = "TT:AIRCRAFT.DESCRIPTION" ; Variation description.

If you do not plan to use the MP store simply add the description to each
[FLTSIM.XX] description entry.

description = ??

Note: you can use the language tool to create you own aircraft.loc language
description regardless if you plan to not use the MP store. This will be more
work but will be in all languages the sims uses.