How does MSFS Calculate Fuel Range?

Hello Team, How does the MSFS system calculate our basic fuel range? For
instance, we have a fuel range circle now on the Flightplan map. When we
select a target airport, the right shows up showing our fuel range. If I
change my fuel flow rate in the ‘engines’ config, that no longer changes, and
I am wondering if the fuel range system by MSFS has broken, or uses a new
route to calculate our fuel range. I was trying to use this (as in the past)
but this time, making changes to fuel flow rates did nothing, zero changes in
the fuel range in the Flightplan map. Many thanks for any input. Bill
Lionheart Creations

Hello @lyonhaart001 If you are referring to the range circle shown in the
world map, this is controlled by the ui_max_range in the FLTSIM
section of your aircraft.cfg
Regards, Sylvain

Hello Sylvain, Roger that. I found it about 4 days ago. I had looked all over
for that setting. I never thought it would be in the aircraft config. I hope
all is well and thank you for your help and hard work there. What an amazing
simulator. Bill Lionheart Creations